Does Bob Cratchit like Scrooge?

Does Bob Cratchit like Scrooge?

Bob Cratchit is very respectful of Mr. Scrooge. When he is celebrating Christmas with his family, he offers a toast in his honor. His wife is not as charitable as he is about his miserly boss.

How does Bob react to Fred?

Expert Answers Like everyone else, Bob Cratchit and Fred are shocked and astonished at Scrooge’s sudden transformation. They’ve always known him as an ornery old skinflint who hates Christmas. Yet now he’s fully entered into the holiday spirit, spreading nothing but joy around him instead of gloom as he always used to.

How does Bob Cratchit feel about Scrooge?

His love for his son is shown through his grief. In the end, when Scrooge changes his ways for the better, Bob Cratchit is delighted. He welcomes Scrooge’s new-found generosity and friendship.

What does Fred say to Scrooge’s family?

In private, with his family, Fred has this to say; “He’s a comical old fellow,” said Scrooge’s nephew, “that’s the truth: and not so pleasant as he might be. However, his offences carry their own punishment, and I have nothing to say against him.” His family attempt to goad him into saying something a little more pointed, but he politely refuses.

Why does Scrooge let Bob have Christmas Day Off?

No way – he tells them that the poor should just go and die then there would be less people in the world. Why does Scrooge let Bob have Christmas Day off? none of the other businesses will be open and he doesn’t want to waste his money on coal to heat the office

What was Scrooge’s attitude to Fred Cratchit?

Scrooge’s nephew Fred, his only family member, asks him over for Christmas dinner. Scrooge is annoyed, and berates Fred for celebrating Christmas and for getting married. Fred remains good-natured, telling Scrooge that even if Christmas never made him any money he still feels it has done him good. His speech irritates Scrooge.

Who is Fred in the story A Christmas Carol?

Fred is Scrooge’s nephew (his name is not given to the reader until Scrooge observes Fred’s family with the Ghost of Christmas Present). Fred serves as a contrast and compliment to Bob Cratchit, Scrooge’s clerk; where Cratchit embodies all of the struggles of the lower class, and is comparatively softspoken, Fred is loud,…