Does being a notary look good on a resume?

Does being a notary look good on a resume?

So Why Become a Notary? The second reason is that being a notary public looks good on your resume, particularly if you work in a field like real estate or banking where certain documents will need a notary’s signature in order to be considered valid and binding.

Should I put my NPI on my resume?

Awards and scholarships are appropriate to mention on your resume. Include them in a category other than your education section. Your social security #, license # and NPI/DEA #s. Instead, consider a “Summary” section on the top of your resume to highlight your experience, skills and qualifications.

How do you list a medical license on a CV?

LicensureList states in which you are licensed, have been licensed, or have applied for a license (license number is not necessary on a CV, but you can include)List the expiration month and year for licenses.List the status of each license, such as Active or Pending.

Is Nptel certificate valuable?

NPTEL can be conducted by well experienced IIT and IISC faculty’s. IIT can certified by our ex-president pranab mukarjee. By an NPTEL course is useful for only to develop your skill. It is an one of most valuable courses.

Can I get certificate from Nptel?

NPTEL web and video courses across 23 disciplines are available on our portal In 2014 process of getting certified from NPTEL courses was initiated, so that learners get a tangible end result in the form of a certificate from the IITs/IISc for their effort.

Is Swayam certificate free?

Courses delivered through SWAYAM are available free of cost to the learners, however learners wanting a SWAYAM certificate should register for the final proctored exams that come at a fee and attend in-person at designated centres on specified dates.

How can I get Swayam certificate?

Certification: Students who wish to obtain certificates for their courses need to get themselves registered on SWAYAM portal. Also, certificates are awarded to students only after successful completion of the course. Credits: At the end of each course, students will be assessed through a proctored exam.