Did Transcendence lose money?

Did Transcendence lose money?

Alcon reported losses upwards of $30 million and while Warner Bros fronted the money for the US marketing, Alcon backstopped it — so they covered WB’s loss….Transcendence.

Budget: $100.8 million Financed by: Alcon Entertainment; DMG
Domestic Gross: $23,022,309 Overseas Gross: $80,016,949

Was Transcendence a flop?

Instead, Johnny Depp’s sci-fi thriller failed to ignite the box office. With its less than impressive box office totals and almost universal critical derision, many are calling Transcendence the first major “big budget” flop of 2014.

What happened at the end of transcendence?

Originally Answered: What is the ending of the movie Transcendence? The real ending of this movie is, The Super Will and Everlyn never die and exist _everywhere_ on earth in a non-intrusive way, they chose to live the form a true God could choose.

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What do you think is reaching transcendence always a good thing why why not?

Reaching transcendence is not always a good thing for me because sometimes we had our limit and that what makes us a human because we’re not gods. The only thing we could do is to continue to be passionate about what we truly desire to achieve and to practice ourselves physically and mentally with a balance.

What is the message of the movie transcendence?

“Don’t lose yourself,” are the dying words of Will Caster (Johnny Depp) to his wife, Evelyn (Rebecca Hall) in “Transcendence.” His words contain probably the most important lesson from the movie: Don’t lose your humanity.

How much money did the movie Transcendence make?

Transcendence grossed $23 million in North America and $80 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $103 million. The film was a box office bomb, with Deadline Hollywood estimating the losses for the studio could reach as much as $100 million, though a more realistic figure was around $35 million.

How much did Johnny Depp get paid for transcendence?

While DMG contributed Chinese elements to Looper and Iron Man 3, it did not do so for Transcendence. By October 2012, actor Johnny Depp entered negotiations to star in Transcendence. The Hollywood Reporter said Depp would have “a mammoth payday” with a salary of $20 million versus 15 percent of the film’s gross.

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When does transcendence come out on DVD in China?

DMG Entertainment, who collaborated with Alcon Entertainment to finance and develop Transcendence, distributed the film in China. The Chinese version includes a 3D and IMAX 3D release, funded by DMG, which is done in post-production. Transcendence was released on Blu-ray and DVD on July 22, 2014.

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