Did the Lone Ranger movie make money?

Did the Lone Ranger movie make money?

In the end, The Lone Ranger earned $260.5 million worldwide, resulting in a reported $190 million loss for Walt Disney Pictures. Though the movie failed commercially, it did succeed in making Hammer a Hollywood name. Before the film bombed, he had already been cast in Guy Ritchie’s The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Why did the Lone Ranger fail?

Disney’s Lone Ranger Was Far Too Expensive Their spending issues were also public knowledge by then, which resulted in a lot of negative early press for the film, even after the cast and crew took a salary cut to help with the larger costs.

What was the budget of the Lone Ranger?

According to reports, Disney is anticipating a $190 million loss on big budget flop ‘ The Lone Ranger ‘. The blockbuster movie starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer – which was made on a reported $225 million budget – may cost the movie studio even more than the $150 million initially anticipated by financial analysts.

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Why was the legend of the Lone Ranger so bad?

In part because of the bad press surrounding the de-masking of Clayton Moore, when Universal Pictures’ The Legend of the Lone Ranger was released in 1981, audiences stayed far away. The picture was a box office bomb, marking the beginning and unceremonious end of the Hollywood career of its young star, Klinton Spilsbury.

What was the box office for the Lone Ranger?

The pattern for July 4th debuts is generally around 2x their respective long weekend totals, which gives The Lone Ranger around $100 million domestic.

What’s the difference between the Lone Ranger and the movie?

Most of the significant differences lie in the identity of the Lone Ranger, being that the Ranger that is depicted in all of the movies and shows has been white. The identity of the Lone Ranger, is meant to be anonymous, in order for the listener to create a hero from the identity that his actions create.