Did Dan Blocker ever live in Carlsbad NM?

Did Dan Blocker ever live in Carlsbad NM?

Dan taught high school English and drama in Sonora, Texas, for a year, then was a sixth grade teacher and coach at Eddy Elementary School in Carlsbad, New Mexico. He moved his family to California in 1956 and began work on a Ph. In 1959, Dan was cast in the role that would define him the remainder of his life.

What episode of Bonanza did Hoss Cartwright die?

The last episode in which Dan Blocker played the role of Hoss Cartwright in the television series “Bonanza” was “One Ace Too Many” (episode 415). In April of ’72, just before shooting for the new fall season was to commence, Dan fell ill and went into the hospital for gall bladder surgery.

Where did Dan Blocker live after death?

San Fernando Valley
Blocker had a home in the San Fernando Valley. He is survived by his wife, the former Dolphia Parker; two sons and twin daughters; and his mother, Mrs. Mary Blocker of Dekalb, Tex.

What was Dan Blocker’s net worth when he died?

Dan Blocker net worth: Dan Blocker was an American actor who had a net worth of $5 million at the time of his death which is the same as around $25 million in today’s dollars. Dan Blocker was born in DeKalb, Bowie County, Texas in December 1928 and passed away in May 1972. He was a veteran of the Korean War.

How much is Dirk Blocker worth?

Dirk Blocker net worth: Dirk Blocker is an American actor who has a net worth of $3 million. Dirk Blocker was born in Hollywood, California in July 1957. He is the son of actor Dan Blocker and the brother or producer David Blocker.

How old was Dan Blocker when he died?

INGLEWOOD, Calif., May 14 (AP)—Dan Blocker, the amiable giant who created the role of Hoss Cartwright on the “Bonanza” television series, died yesterday afternoon at Daniel Freeman Hospital. He was 43 years old.

What kind of surgery did Dan Blocker have?

The actor had undergone gall bladder surgery without complication earlier in the month but awoke at home yesterday morning complaining of shortness of breath. Mr. Blocker had a home in the San Fernando Valley.

Where is Dan Blocker buried in North Texas?

Blocker’s remaining parts are buried in a family plot in Woodmen Cemetery, in De Kalb, Texas. The basic gravesite is set apart by a plain stone with the name “B. Dan D. Blocker” engraved; three relatives are covered adjacent to him, his dad, mother, and sister.

Where did Dan Blocker live in Los Angeles?

He owned a house in Inglewood, California and a 6,000 square foot mansion in Hancock Park, Los Angeles. He was also an automobile fan, and owned several cars including a 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle, and a 1965 Huffaker Genie MK10 race car.