Did Chris Penn do his own dancing in Footloose?

Did Chris Penn do his own dancing in Footloose?

CHRIS PENN CAME IN WITH NO DANCE SKILLS. Bacon said the best dance scene in the movie was his character Ren teaching Penn’s character, Willard, to dance. Originally, the two danced to the Karla Bonoff song “Somebody’s Eyes”—Ross said it didn’t work with the scene.

Did Kevin Bacon really do the gymnastics in Footloose?

Kevin Bacon says that he did the majority of the dancing in the film, except for the lively warehouse scene. “I was furious,” Bacon, 53, tells People. “I had a stunt double, a dance double and two gymnastics doubles,” he goes on to say.

Did Kevin Bacon do the backflip in Footloose?

Whilst Kevin Bacon didn’t perform any of the songs on the Footloose soundtrack, he did perform the majority of the dances himself, except for in the famous warehouse scene. Bacon had four doubles on hand to perform the flips and more difficult moves in this scene.

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Who did the gymnastics in Footloose 2011?

Kenneth Edgar Wormald (born July 27, 1984) is an American dancer, reality television star and actor. His best known role to date is perhaps as Ren McCormack in the 2011 remake of 1984’s Footloose. Wormald was a regular on the MTV reality television series Dancelife in 2007.

Does Kevin Bacon hate Footloose?

While being interviewed by Conan O’Brien last week, Kevin Bacon revealed the gem of a story that he often has to pay wedding DJs $20 – just so they don’t play the theme tune to Bacon’s 1984 break out role, Kenny Loggins’ Footloose.

Is Kevin Bacon a good dancer?

Kevin Bacon is not a gymnast, nor a dancer. Whilst he performed the majority of the dance routines in the film himself, he had two gymnastics doubles, one student double and one dance double on hand to perform the more difficult moves. Read more about Footloose and Bacon’s performance in the film.

How much did Kevin Bacon get paid for Footloose?

He earned $4 million for his performance in Black Mass, $6 million for Crazy, Stupid, Love, $3 million for Mystic River, $1 million for Wild Things (1998), $2.5 million for Sleepers (1996), $650,000 for A Few Good Men (1992), $500,000 for Tremors (1990), $500,000 for She’s Having a Baby (1988), and $1 million for …

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Who was the actor in the original Footloose?

With the remake in theaters, the actor looks back on the movie that made ?him a star Kevin Bacon is not the kind of guy to look back at his past work. But when the studio unearthed his audition tape from 1984’s original Footloose, he couldn’t help himself. “It was like a weird time-travel, out-of-body type thing,” Bacon, 53, told PEOPLE.

Why was Christopher Atkins cast as Ren in Footloose?

The Blue Lagoon star Christopher Atkins claimed he was cast as Ren. Unfortunately for him, he was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol when he met with the producers and the director before taking a vacation where he was planning to have more “fun.” When he found out he lost the role, Atkins had a breakdown and was hospitalized.

When did they change the prom rules in Footloose?

In January of 1979, the local high schoolers asked that the rules be changed so that they could have a prom, to the anger of the reverend from the United Pentecostal Church. The kids won and got to dance on prom night.