Did Blade Runner lose money?

Did Blade Runner lose money?

Blade Runner 2049 was a critically acclaimed sequel to a cult flop and earned just $259 million on a (depending on who you ask) $150m-$185m budget. David Lynch’s Dune earned poor reviews and grossed just $31m domestic on a $40m budget back in 1984.

Why was The Thing a flop?

As a result of The Thing’s reception and box office performance — it grossed just under $20 million worldwide — Carpenter was fired from his next gig, the 1984 adaptation of Stephen King’s Firestarter, and bought out of his multi-picture deal with Universal. The Thing was just too strong for that time.

Has Blade Runner 2049 made a profit?

Box office Blade Runner 2049 grossed $92.1 million in the United States and Canada, and $168.4 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $260.5 million, against a production budget between $150–185 million.

Where did the money come from to make Blade Runner?

In ten days Deeley had secured $21.5 million in financing through a three-way deal between The Ladd Company (through Warner Bros.), the Hong Kong-based producer Sir Run Run Shaw and Tandem Productions. Philip K. Dick became concerned that no one had informed him about the film’s production, which added to his distrust of Hollywood.

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What was the box office for Blade Runner 2049?

It was a terrible weekend at the box office with only two films cracking $10 million, Jigsaw and Tyler Perry’s Boo 2: A Madea Halloween. Geostorm earned third place with just $5.90 million. Overall, the box office fell 21% from last weekend to just $75 million.

Is there going to be a Blade Runner spin off?

The television film Total Recall 2070 was initially planned as a spin-off of the film Total Recall, and would eventually be transformed into a hybrid of Total Recall and Blade Runner.

When did the First Blade Runner Movie come out?

The book has been adapted into several media, including films, comics, a stage play, and a radio serial. The first film adaptation was Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott in 1982. Although the film initially underperformed at the American box office, it became a cult classic, and has had a significant influence on science fiction.