Can you use a Fusion monster as Fusion material?

Can you use a Fusion monster as Fusion material?

Fusion Substitute Monsters can only replace specifically named Fusion Materials; as such, a Fusion Substitute Monster cannot be used in the Fusion Summon of “Evil HERO Dark Gaia” as it does not name any monsters, and can only replace “UFOroid” in the Fusion Summon of “UFOroid Fighter”.

Can you summon a Fusion monster without Polymerization?

Most Fusion Monsters need two Fusion Material monsters, and then the Polymerization card. However, certain Fusion Monsters can be summoned out of the Extra Deck via a process known as Contact Fusion, which requires no Polymerization.

How do you summon fusion monsters in Yugioh?

Fusion Monsters are also placed in your Extra Deck at the start of the game. They are Summoned by using the specific monsters listed on the card, known as Fusion Material Monsters, combined with a Summoning card like “Polymerization” or another card that allows you to perform a fusion summon.

What’s the best way to summon a fusion monster?

Originally, the only way to properly summon a Fusion Monster was through a Fusion Summon involving the required Fusion Materials and the Spell Card ” Polymerization “. There are now many different ways to Fusion Summon a monster and many different cards that allows the player to Fusion Summon.

Can a monster not be a fusion material?

Listed Fusion Materials are monsters specifically named on a Fusion Monster as materials; cards that specify listed Fusion Materials, such as ” Centrifugal Field “, cannot affect Fusion Monsters that do not specifically name Fusion Materials, such as “Five-Headed Dragon”. Fusion Materials can be used even if the Summon is not a Fusion Summon.

Can you use contact fusion on a face down monster?

Contact Fusion is also a type of Special Summon that uses Fusion Materials to Summon a Fusion Monster, but is not a Fusion Summon. Face-down monsters on the field can be used as Fusion Materials, as long as they are controlled by the player performing the Fusion Summon and the card performing the Summon allows it.

What happens if a fusion monster leaves the extra deck?

If they leave the Extra Deck without being properly Special Summoned, they cannot be Special Summoned while they are banished or in the Graveyard. Most Fusion Monsters have a set of Fusion Materials, which are listed on the first line of the card’s text. These are the materials used to perform the Summon of that monster.