Can you Judgement Jinzo?

Can you Judgement Jinzo?

Jinzo hits the field and opponent CANNOT activate TRAPS. With this reasoning Solemn Judgment cannot be activated because it is a TRAP card.

Can jinzo the trap hole?

“Jinzo” has been Summoned, so he is face-up on the field, so his effect is applied. Thus, you cannot activate “Trap Hole”.

Can I solemn Judgement Jinzo?

While “Solemn Judgment” cannot negate the Special Summon of “Jinzo” due to an outside card, “Solemn Judgment” can negate the card used to Special Summon “Jinzo”. And you aren’t really killing “Jinzo” with Solemn Judgment.

Does jinzo affect both players?

One of the best things about Jinzo is that it’s a monster. Royal Decree can mess you up, but it can’t drop your Life Points to zero. Jinzo does both.

Does Jinzo effect activate?

The effect of “Limiter Overload” activates in the Graveyard, so “Jinzo” cannot prevent it from being activated. Neither “Jinzo” nor “Royal Decree” can negate the effect and prevent “Speed Warrior” from being Summoned.

Can Jinzo the trap hole?

When do you activate torrential tribute on Jinzo?

So you cannot activate ” Torrential Tribute ” when ” Jinzo ” is Summoned. ” Torrential Tribute ” can be activated after a monster is Summoned through another card’s effect, such as ” Monster Reborn “, ” Scapegoat “, ” Cyber Jar ” (if Flip Summoned), or ” Call of the Haunted “.

What happens if Jinzo is Special Summoned with Call of the Haunted?

If ” Jinzo ” is Special Summoned with ” Call of the Haunted ” and then ” Jinzo ” is destroyed and removed from the field, ” Call of the Haunted ” is itself also destroyed and removed from the field. Blast with Chain: When ” Blast with Chain ” becomes an Equip Card it is still treated as a Trap Card, so ” Jinzo “, ect, will negate its effect.

Can you use torrential tribute on Zero Max?

Even if there are no monsters on the field, then it is treated as finishing resolving with the destruction of monsters. Thus, even if ” ZERO-MAX ” does not destroy monsters, then you cannot activate cards like ” Torrential Tribute ” because you miss the timing.

What are the effects of torrential tribute cards?

Creeping Doom Manta / Eagle Eye / Tactical Espionage Expert / Invasion of Flames: The effect of this monster prevents the activation of Trap Cards that can be activated when a monster is Normal Summoned, such as…” Torrential Tribute “.