Can Rampart Blaster attack directly?

Can Rampart Blaster attack directly?

A face-up Defense Position “Elemental HERO Rampart Blaster” can attack directly even if your opponent controls a monster.

What can stop Mirror Force?

Use a Counter Trap There are a variety of options, but the most versatile (with respect to activation during the Battle Phase) are probably Seven Tools of the Bandit, Ultimate Providence, and Trap Jammer. Any of those will negate Mirror Force upon activation, but the third option has no cost.

What card can counter Mirror Force?

You can negate Mirror Force with cards like Wiretap, Trap Stun, Royal Decree, and Solemn Judgment. That last one sees the most play because of its versatility.

Does Mirror Force target a monster?

The effect of “Mirror Force” only destroys all monsters in Attack Position, so all Attack Position monsters will still be destroyed even if the effect of “Scrubbed Raid” ends the Battle Phase.

How do you counter Mirror Force Dragon?


  1. Non-targeting removal such as “Raigeki” and “Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier” can remove this card without triggering its effect.
  2. “Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon” can trigger this card’s effect by battling it, and then use its first effect to negate this card’s, destroy it, and gain its ATK for the turn.

Can you activate Mirror Force?

“Mirror Force” can only be activated in response to an attack (it can only be activated “when an opponent’s monster declares an attack”).

Is Mirror Force a quick effect?

Your opponent cannot activate cards or effects in response to this effect’s activation. Since it’s a quick effect, you can activate anytime (if all requirements are met), so yes, you can activate when declaring an attack, and your opponent won’t be able to activate Mirror Force.

When does Yugioh Elemental Hero become an effect monster?

A new Elemental HERO has arrived from Neo-Space! When he initiates a Contact Fusion with a Neo-Spacian his unknown powers are unleashed. This card is treated as a Normal Monster while face-up on the field or in the Graveyard. While this card is face-up on the field, you can Normal Summon it to have it become an Effect Monster with this effect.

What happens when a monster is destroyed in Yugioh?

When the equipped monster is destroyed by a card effect and sent to the Graveyard: Destroy all Spell and Trap Cards on the field, then inflict 100 damage to your opponent for each Spell/Trap Card destroyed by this effect.

Can a controller’s trap card negate an equipped monster?

While this card is equipped, the equipped monster’s effect does not negate the effects of its controller’s Trap Cards. When this card is removed from the field, destroy the equipped monster. This card’s activation and effect cannot be negated.

What happens when you special summon a monster in Yugioh?

It gains ATK equal to its Level x 100. If the equipped monster is destroyed by your opponent’s card (either by battle or card effect) and sent to the Graveyard, and this card is sent to the Graveyard as a result: You can Special Summon that monster from the Graveyard. Break! Draw! Equip only to a Machine-Type monster.