Can Raigeki destroy Blue Eyes Shining Dragon?

Can Raigeki destroy Blue Eyes Shining Dragon?

I am wondering if blue eyes shining dragon is affected by spell, trap, or effects that target the whole field. Yes, like Dark Hole, Lightning Vortex, etc, it will destroy it. But it will negate Tribute to the Doomed, Offerings to the Doomed, Raigeki Break, etc, as long the effect targets, the effect will negated.

Can you special summon blue eyes shining dragon?

You can also Special Summon this card by Tributing a “Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon” summoned by “Summoner of Illusions” or “Temple of the Kings”.

How do you beat the god cards?

They can be destroyed by Trap Cards that target (in the anime, “Blast Held by a Tribute” destroyed one monster and inflicted damage based on its ATK, so it targeted). They can be affected by targeting Traps (“Magic Cylinder” and “Spellbinding Circle”).

How to summon the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon?

Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon can be summoned by sacrificing Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to transform him into his powerful card. In Yu-Gi-Oh!

Which is the best blue eyes white dragon?

Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon is one of Blue-Eyes White Dragon’s retrained counterparts, and it comes with a few effects that make it better than the original, while still not being a great card. Once per turn, this card can destroy an opponent’s monster of the player’s choice, but Alternative Dragon cannot attack the turn this effect is used.

What does blue eyes white dragon mean in Yu Gi Oh?

Also, “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” symbolizes pride and destruction, while “Red-Eyes” symbolizes violence and anger. There are two things that back this up. In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards, “Blue-Eyes” is said to actually be proud of its destructive power, while “Red-Eyes” is described as a superviolent creature.

How many ATK are in blue eyes white dragon?

“Blue-Eyes White Dragon” began the tradition of the main protagonists of each Yu-Gi-Oh! series facing against a monster of 3000 ATK in their very first duel of the series and winning the duel by defeating said monsters.