Can I change video name of my YouTube channel?

Can I change video name of my YouTube channel?

On the desktop, you can change a channel name and picture by going to YouTube Studio and then Customization, where they’re located under the Basic Info and Branding tabs. On mobile, you need to tap your profile picture, then your channel, and then hit “Edit channel.”

How do I change the title of a video?

How to Edit Video Metadata

  1. Launch Windows Media Player and select the “Library” tab.
  2. Right-click on the file attribute you want to edit in the library and select the “Edit” button.
  3. Type the new metadata information for the attribute you selected.

How do I change my YouTube name without changing my Google name?

YouTube channels can now change their name without it impacting their Google account….Changing a YouTube channel’s name on desktop:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left-hand menu, select Customization and then Basic info.
  3. Click Edit to update your channel name.
  4. Enter your new channel description.
  5. Click Publish.

Can I change my YouTube channel name after monetization?

You can change your channel name and description. Changing your channel name doesn’t change your Google account’s name. When renaming your channel, use a name that follows our Community Guidelines.

How do I change the details of a video?

The metadata of a file, such as the Description, Video ID, and Attribute fields can be edited at any time….From the My Files page click the file which you need to rename.

  1. Step 2- Click Details. Click the Details tab located on the right-hand side of the file show page.
  2. Step 3- Click Edit.
  3. Step 4- Save Changes.

How can I remove the title from a video?

In Windows Explorer select all the video files you want to modify (you may want to do it in a few sets if you’re dealing with 1000’s of files). Right-click one of them and choose Properties. Slect the Details tab. Click the Remove Properties and Personal Information link.

Do YouTubers use their real names?

Jeffree Star, James Charles, and NikkieTutorials are some of the biggest names in beauty. However, the three YouTubers are among many internet stars who don’t actually use their real names online. Patrick Starrr also uses a fake last name — his real one is Simondac.

How can I change the name of my YouTube channel?

This wikiHow teaches you how to change the name of your channel on YouTube. Keep in mind that changing the name associated with a Google Account will also change your name in any connected Google services, such as Gmail. You can change your channel name on both desktop and mobile versions of YouTube.

How can I change the quality of my YouTube video?

Click Quality. Select your preferred video quality. In the video player, select More . Click Quality. Select your preferred video quality. Note: Some high-quality formats (for example, 1080p, 4K) may not be available for all devices, as they may not support the latest video compression technology (VP9).

How can I edit my YouTube video without losing the URL?

Rather than re-uploading a new video where you will lose comments, the original URL, and the number of views, follow the steps below using the YouTube Editor. Log into your YouTube account. Select YouTube (beta). You can then choose to use the Beta Studio. Click on the videos tab from the left side menu.

How often can I change the URL of my YouTube channel?

Click Confirm and you’re done. YouTube channels can change their custom URL up to 3 times per year. To change the URL of your YouTube channel, start by signing into YouTube Studio. From the left navigation menu select Customization, and then select Basic info. Under your current custom URL click DELETE.