Can I Chain dust tornado to Royal Decree?

Can I Chain dust tornado to Royal Decree?

If you Chain a Trap Card like Dust Tornado or Fairy Wind to destroy Royal Decree, you can get Royal Decree into the Graveyard and make sure your Mirror Force destroys all of your opponent’s Attack Position monsters.

What does Royal Decree do yugioh?

Inherited Fortune: If “Royal Decree” is activated in a Chain to the effect to Special Summon monsters, the effect will still Special Summon the monsters because it is not an effect that activates on the field.

Does Mirror Force work on Obelisk?

It cannot be activated when “Obelisk the Tormentor” attacks. “Mirror Force” does not targets. It can destroy “Obelisk the Tormentor”.

Does dust tornado negate heavy storm?

“Dust Tornado” will Set the card, and then “Heavy Storm” still resolves and destroys all Spell/Trap Cards, including the one you just Set. The card was Set this turn, so it cannot be activated.

What happens when Crackdown is destroyed Yugioh?

I’m fairly certain that if Crackdown leaves the field, the monster goes back to your opponent. Also, if the monster leaves the field, Crackdown is destroyed. Now, Crackdown does something that the other monster stealers don’t, namely being a trap. This means it can be used both offensively and defensively.

Can you choose to destroy Imperial Order?

Imperial Order is a Continuous Trap that negates all Spell Cards on the field and once per turn, during each Standby Phase, you have to pay 700 LP (this isn’t optional) or Imperial Order is destroyed (which is when you don’t have 700 LP to pay).

What happens when seven tools of the Bandit is negated?

Reinforce Truth: If the activation of ” Reinforce Truth ” is negated by ” Seven Tools of the Bandit ” or ” Solemn Judgment ” you can still conduct your Battle Phase. If the effect of ” Reinforce Truth ” is negated by ” Royal Decree ” you cannot conduct your Battle Phase.

Can you activate seven tools of the bandit in Pharaoh’s treasure?

Pharaoh’s Treasure: You cannot activate ” Seven Tools of the Bandit ” or ” Solemn Judgment ” when ” Pharaoh’s Treasure ” is drawn.

Can You negate royal decree with trap stun?

With Royal Decree face-up, Trap Stun’s effect is redundant. Plus, even if your opponent doesn’t draw his Royal Decree or flip it face-up, if he’s using Royal Decree in his Deck, he probably isn’t using any Trap Cards for you to negate with Trap Stun.

What’s the best way to destroy royal decree?

The first, and usually most effective approach, is to destroy Royal Decree so that you’re able to play your Trap Cards again. Cards like Mystical Space Typhoon and Breaker the Magical Warrior are versatile cards that can take down any of your opponent’s Spell and Trap Cards, including Royal Decree.