Can Bumblebee die in Transformers?

Can Bumblebee die in Transformers?

The first full trailer for “Transformers: The Last Knight” teased the death of Bumblebee in the hands of Optimus Prime. However, knowing that the loveable Autobot has a spinoff movie, it could be unlikely that he dies in the sequel.

Why did Optimus Prime kill Bumblebee?

Optimus is later resurrected by a race called the Quintessons. He is, at that point under their control so they can try and steal the Matrix of Leadership and since Hot Rod trusts Optimus, he gives it up willingly. That could explain why he is on a warpath in the movie against his Autobot brethren.

Who died in Transformers 2?

Deaths on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Body Count Victim Cause of Death
105 Mixmaster Sliced in half, decapitated by stomped
106 Scorponok Head crushed/decapitated
107-113 Devastator Neck shot off/shot apart by rail gun
114 Unnamed Decepticon Explosion

Can only a prime kill a prime?

The “only a Prime can kill a Prime” thing is thus very likely a legend that is not necessarily true, but has gained traction over time thanks to the usual resilence and strength of those who bear the Matrix of Leadership. Although optimus called megatron his brother, they were brother in arms.

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Why is Megatron not a prime?

As such, Megatron is not a Prime because during his time, Optimus holds that title and artifact. Nor would Megatron be eligible by right since he’s the leader of the army that they Autobots have been fighting for millions of years ever since he rebelled against them at the end of the golden age.

Can Transformers kiss?

Marvel Comics continuity Kissing is not limited to the humans of Earth. The ritual is also practiced on Nebulos by the Nebulans Gort and Marita. The Autobot Highbrow was able to witness this event, which caused a short but violent war between their race and the Transformers.