Are Dustpelt and sandstorm siblings?

Are Dustpelt and sandstorm siblings?

Dustpelt and Sandstorm were best friends as apprentices. They both seemed to have crushes on each other. Dustpelt is actually Sandstorm’s uncle, his sister Brindleface is Sandstorm’s mother. …

Is Dustpelt still alive?

Dustpelt felt guilty for not protecting his mate and had trouble moving on. He denied retirement continually and was ultimately killed by badgers in battle. He was reunited with his family in StarClan.

What book did Dustpelt die?

Dustpelt appeared in a total of 33 books throughout the series before his death in ‘Bramblestar’s Storm’.

Who are Dustpelt’s kits?

Dustpelt and Ferncloud have three kits: Birchkit, Larchkit, and Hollykit.

How did Dustpelt get his name in Warriors?

When Sandpaw warms up to Fireheart, Dustpaw becomes jealous and is disgusted when Fireheart brings his kittypet nephew, Cloudkit, to ThunderClan. He earns his warrior name, Dustpelt, after fighting bravely against Brokenstar’s rogues.

What’s the name of Dustpelt’s second litter?

Dustpelt and Ferncloud later have a second litter, Birchkit, Hollykit, and Larchkit, but are finding it difficult to care for them with the deteriorating condition of the forest. When the Twolegs’ destruction finally reaches ThunderClan’s territory, it becomes increasingly difficult for the Clan to find food.

What kind of dog is Dustpelt the ThunderClan?

Dustpelt is a lithe, heavy dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes. He also has fur around his muzzle that is fading to gray. Dustpelt was a ThunderClan warrior that served under Bluestar’s, Firestar’s, and Bramblestar’s leaderships in the forest and lake territories.

What’s the name of Dustpelt’s son in RuneScape?

Ferncloud is now Dustpelt’s mate, and she is nursing their sons, Shrewkit and Spiderkit. She is shown to be very protective of them. She is first seen when she is leaving the nursery to attend a Clan meeting with Brightheart.