Are ABBA any good?

Are ABBA any good?

Yes, their songs are excellent in the genre of pop or popular music, but this is a matter of personal taste though. A few of their songs had travelled the time to have had listened to the present day. Their songs were composed when a time techno music was unheard of.

Who is more popular Queen or ABBA?

The biggest market for Queen was the US with 42.8 million sales. ABBA’s popularity in the US would remain on a comparatively smaller scale, and “Dancing Queen” became ABBA’s only Billboard Hot 100 number one single ABBA had there.

Is ABBA popular in Sweden?

In fact, speaking from a purely statistical point of view – chart positions, album sales per capita, and so on – it could be said that ABBA were more popular in Sweden than almost anywhere else.

Who has sold the most records ever?

The Beatles
Perhaps unsurprisingly, British rock band The Beatles are top of the list for best-selling artists worldwide, with 257.7 million certified sales. Second is Elvis Presley with almost 207 million sales, followed by Michael Jackson with 169.7 million.

Why is ABBA so catchy?

In the most upbeat of the group’s songs, like Money, Money, Money the simplicity of ABBA’s lyrics makes them easy to sing along to. In addition to the fizzy melodies, that participation, says Levitin, gives listeners “an even more powerful hit of happy juice in the brain from dopamine.”

Did ABBA do well in America?

The results were encouraging: the group’s current single, ‘Take A Chance On Me’, reached number three, while ABBA – The Album went platinum and peaked at number 14, their best-ever US album chart placing. But the success was still far from overwhelming – ABBA simply didn’t have enough presence in America.

Which is the best U2 song of all time?

“One” has frequently appeared on lists of the greatest songs. In 2010, Rolling Stone placed the song at number 36 on its list of ” The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time “, making it the highest-ranked U2 song. In 2003, a special edition issue of Q, titled “1001 Best Songs Ever”, named “One” the greatest song of all-time.

Is the band U2 going to break up?

He has no, U2 are going to break up. Things are not getting better at all. The group experienced huge success at the end of the 80s and they were now at a critical point, in the Hansa Studios in Berlin, hoping that inspiration would somehow arrive.

Why was bono so disappointed with the U2 tour?

He was very disappointed because U2 was the project in which he had invested all his plans, his future, just like the other members of the band, and sadly it looked like it was going to end up as another example of a short-lived musical project.

Where did U2 record Achtung Baby in 1990?

In October 1990, U2 arrived in Berlin on the eve of German reunification to begin the recording sessions for Achtung Baby at Hansa Studios. Expecting to be inspired by a ” New Europe ” and the reuniting city, the band instead found the mood to be bleak and soon conflict arose over their musical direction and the quality of their material.